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Spiral cable 2x2.5 PUR black 5000mm/600mm

Spiral cable 2x2.5 PUR black 5000mm/600mm

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We also offer our spiral cable, which is included in the standard set of our solar modules, separately.

The spiral cable 2x2.5 PUR black is the perfect complement for your solar module in the VW California. With a length of 5000mm and 600mm before and after the spiral part, the cable offers a high-quality connection between your solar panel and the power grid of your vehicle.

Our spiral cable is made of durable PUR material, which is resistant to numerous environmental conditions and has high wear resistance. The cable's black sheath protects against UV radiation and ensures that the cable is not damaged even in direct sunlight.

The coiled cable is equipped with two 2.5mm2 (blue/brown colors) to ensure maximum conductivity. Due to the flexibility and elasticity of the spiral cable, you can easily pull it out and pull it in when extending and retracting the pop-up roof without damaging the cable.

This cable is easy to install and can be quickly and easily connected to your vehicle's electrical system. With our spiral cable 2x2.5 PUR black you get a reliable connection between your solar module and the power grid of your VW California, so that you can use your own power sources anytime and anywhere.

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