Assembly made easy

The smart CALIFAKTUR solution for self-installation. Without drilling or gluing and with detailed and easy-to-understand installation instructions, you can mount the CALIFAKTUR solar module on your VW California without making any changes to the vehicle.

Once the module is placed on your roof, it is screwed into the existing C-rail at 6 points.

You do not interfere with the vehicle electronics, nor are there any visual defects left behind when dismantling. This way you maintain the value of your VW California, or increase it with your solar module.

If you still want to rely on an expert, we have a large network of verified partners who will be happy to carry out the installation for you.


Your personal instructions

In our complete package, we provide you with detailed and easy-to-understand 20-page installation instructions. This will enable you to install the CALIFAKTUR solar module on your VW California even without any great technical skills - we promise! More than 1,000 CALIFAKTUR customers have already proven it.


No drilling or gluing required

When developing our CALIFAKTUR solar module, it was particularly important to us to maintain the value of a vehicle like the VW California. That's why we developed a module that doesn't require drilling or gluing. If the module is ever removed from your roof, it won't leave any residue.


The all-round carefree package

When you order one of our CALIFAKTUR solar modules, your package will contain all the components you need for installation.

In addition to the high-quality solar module, your package includes a charge controller, all necessary cables, slot nuts and screws for fastening and detailed and easy-to-understand assembly instructions.

Open the package, put it on your roof, connect the cable and off you go.

Insights into our customers' assembly

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