Your Califaktur solar panel is installed in just 3 steps, without gluing or drilling and can be implemented by anyone.

You will receive detailed step-by-step instructions with your order.

Insert the 4 sliding blocks supplied into the existing C profile rail and arrange them approximately across the width of the panel.

Place the powder-coated aluminum sheet with the solar module on the roof - preferably with two people.

Now tighten the aluminum sheet with the 4 screws with a TORX.

Assembly assembly instructions instructions solar panel solar module VW California cable cable routing

Feed the cable under the solar panel and fix it with a cable tie at the side.

Lead the end of the cable to the side on the hinge of the trunk lid and on the left side to the trunk opening, in the so-called rain gutter down.

Guide the cable through the door rubber seal in the lower area.

Installation instructions Installation instructions Solar Solar panel Solar module VW California Vehicle battery connection

Detach driver's seat from console. Attention: The seat is connected to the airbag cable. Therefore, the seat should only be tilted forward onto the steering wheel.

Remove the insulation sleeve and plastic cover from the console.

Connect the battery connection cable to the MPPT charge controller. Red to and black to . Then connect the red end to the pole of the battery and the black end to the pole of the battery.

For T6.1 with CamperUnit (CU) display, the negative pole of the charge controller should not be connected to the battery, but to ground (body).

For T5 & T6 with CU, the negative pole of the charge controller should be connected directly to the battery pole of the supply battery.

The cable of the solar module can then be connected. The connections are marked “PV” on the MPPT charge controller. Red to and black to .

Now the MPPT solar controller can be subjected to a functional test with the "VictronConnect" app.

These instructions are only a rough overview of the assembly. For proper assembly, the assembly instructions included in the package must be consulted.

Inspiration for possible cable laying methods

Option 1 - simple, fast and without drilling and gluing:

Lead the cable on the left-hand side of the boot opening, in the so-called rain gutter down and over the rubber door seal into the interior. The rubber balances the cable great and you don't have to worry about tightness.

Option 2 - for those who don't want to see the cable anymore (Ocean and Coast):

Poke a hole in the tailgate's rubber grommet and thread the solar cable through it.

You come out inside the cabinet with the cable and can then go through the cabinet to the second battery under the driver's seat.

The connection of the solar module to the 3rd battery in the cabinet is also possible. Note: Please make sure that the MPPT solar controller is placed close to the battery. An internal temperature sensor in the solar controller protects the battery from overheating.

Another possibility is the cable routing behind the left headlight. There the cable can be routed downwards and then further inside the cabinet, analogous to the description above.

Possibility 3 - partner workshop:

For everyone who would like to get help with assembly. You can find our partner workshops here .

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Installation report:

At Familie mit Bulli you will find a detailed video on assembly