About us

my name is Andy I'm 31 years old, have a degree in engineering, am enthusiastic about technology and, as I'm from the Allgäu, I naturally have a VW Bulli. I love to travel and I do it flexibly and independently. And that's how I came up with the idea for the Califaktur solar module. Camping has become the new trend sport and overcrowded campgrounds, booked weeks in advance, have become the norm. Freedom, independence, flexibility - none. However, without a solar module, our cooling capacity was mostly over after 12 hours and the supposedly free and independent trip became stressful when we were looking for electricity.



So I developed my own solar module for our Bulli. Products available on the market were simply not efficient, too complicated and too expensive. Together with my friends I developed the Califaktur solar module. After the one-year development phase, the perfection through continuous self-testing and countless pre-orders from friends and travel acquaintances, I founded our start-up Califaktur together with my wife Maxi.



We stand for high-quality products, handmade and hand-developed for FREEDOM, INDEPENDENCE and FLEXIBILITY.