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Califaktur solar module for VW California T5 T6 T6.1 155Wp

Califaktur solar module for VW California T5 T6 T6.1 155Wp

Experience the freedom of self-sufficient camping with the CALIFAKTUR solar module for your VW California. Thanks to the clean design and minimal installation height, it fits seamlessly into your van. For self-assembly - no drilling or gluing necessary!

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Our mission. Your adventure.

Enjoy your adventure – with the unique CALIFAKTUR 155Wp solar module – while we take care of the energy supply.

Our complete package contains everything you need: charge controller, cables, screws and easy-to-understand assembly instructions. Installation is done without drilling or gluing on the original C-rail.

The semi-flexible solar module combines functionality and style. With its minimalist design and low installation height, it fits seamlessly into your VW California and remains robust and weatherproof thanks to double ETFE technology. The height of your VW California remains under 2 meters.

You can use the app to monitor the performance data and battery status of your solar panel at any time. The Victron SmartSolar 75/15 MPPT controller with Bluetooth ensures efficient energy conversion and maximum yield.

Our solar module is suitable for the VW California models T5, T6 and T6.1.

Developed and manufactured in Germany, CALIFAKTUR stands for the highest quality and performance. Treat yourself to the best - invest in the CALIFAKTUR 155Wp solar module for your next adventure with the VW California.

What's in the package

Semi-flexible solar module monocrystalline 155Wp double ETFE, on black powder-coated aluminum sheet for mounting on the original C-rail

Victron SmartSolar 75/15 MPPT controller with Bluetooth

All required cables: spiral cable & battery cable

Slot nuts and screws for mounting on the original C-rail with socket wrench Torx45

Detailed and easy-to-understand assembly instructions for self-assembly

Solar panel details

Cell type: Monocrystalline

Nominal power: 155Wp

Max. voltage Vmpp: 23.2V

Current Max. Imp: 6.6A

Open circuit voltage Voc: 27.14V

Short circuit current Isc: 6.79A

Coating: Double ETFE, structured

Cell efficiency: 23.09%

Temperature range: -40°C to +85°C

Max. system voltage: 200 V DC

Dimensions: 1050x780x4mm

Product warranty: 5 years on material and workmanship

STC (Standard Test Conditions) Irradiance 1,000 W/m2, Spectral Distribution AM 1.5 Temperature 25±2 °C

Technical details

Spiral cable: Cable cross-section 2.5 mm2, paint-friendly and UV-resistant PUR sheath

Battery cable: 6mm2 with 30A fuse

Aluminium sheet: black powder-coated, 2mm thickness

Solar module: glued & screwed

T-nuts and high-quality stainless steel screws Torx45

Weight per module & carrier plate: 9.9kg

Branding: Sticker is easily removable if required

Dimensions: 1100x800x8mm


Within Germany: 39 €

Outside Germany: 49 €

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The durable & robust solar module for your VW California

Reliable solar energy

Get the CALIFAKTUR 310Wp, the unique size on the market - ideal for your consumers such as cool boxes, lights, notebooks, smartphones, auxiliary heaters or even your e-bike.

  • Semi-flexible solar module monocrystalline
  • Double ETFE coating from the marine sector for maximum weather resistance
  • Cell efficiency up to 23%
  • Discreet design with minimal installation height - the height of your VW California remains under 2 meters

The CALIFAKTUR aluminium sheet

Functionality meets design

Our solar module comes on a stylish black powder-coated aluminum sheet. Thanks to its clean design and minimal installation height, it fits seamlessly into your van and you still stay under the magical 2-meter limit.

The aluminum sheet optimally dissipates the heat from the solar module and ensures maximum efficiency. The special design ensures ventilation behind the module.

To optimally protect your roof, we use high-quality, temperature-resistant cellular rubber.

Thanks to the special CALIFAKTUR construction, fluttering is prevented, which ensures a silent and comfortable ride.


Our cables in focus

In our Plug&Play complete solution, we supply you with all the cables you need to install your CALIFAKTUR solar module.

The CALIFAKTUR spiral cable specially developed by us has a PUR coating to guarantee that scratches on your VW California will not occur.

Depending on the vehicle model (Ocean/Coast or Beach) we offer the CALIFAKTUR cable in 2 lengths. A slightly shorter one for connecting to the battery in the rear cabinet for the VW California Ocean or Coast. Or a longer cable for connecting to the second battery under the driver's seat for the VW California Beach.

At CALIFAKTUR, we deliberately avoid plug-in solutions: Why?

  1. These are vulnerable to weather or vibrations while driving.
  2. Why unplug at all? With our solution, you can even recharge your reserves at the next parking lot - without having to worry about it.

In addition to the spiral cable, you will receive a battery connection cable.

Our spiral cable has a cross-section of 2.5 mm2, the battery cable 6mm2.

The CALIFAKTUR partners

Highest quality combined

We rely on quality, experience and competence in all our components and partners.

The Victron SmartSolar MPPT controller with Bluetooth, combined with the high-quality CALIFAKTUR solar module - a perfect match. This charge controller is precisely tailored to the performance of the CALIFAKTUR module and ensures efficient energy conversion regardless of whether it is a lithium or AGM battery and maximizes the yield of your solar cells.

Using the appropriate app, you can monitor the performance data of your solar panel live and track your battery status.

The Victron Smart Battery Sense is an advanced battery sensor. We recommend this when installing the CALIFAKTUR solar module on the VW California Ocean and Coast models, for connection to the battery in the cabinet. Unfortunately, there is no space to place the charge controller directly next to the battery. In this case, the sensor monitors the temperature and communicates wirelessly with the Victron charge controller via the VE Smart Network, providing you with detailed information about the battery performance and charge level.

The CALIFAKTUR solution without beans and glue

Assembly made easy

The smart CALIFAKTUR solution for self-installation. Without drilling or gluing and with detailed and easy-to-understand installation instructions, you can mount the CALIFAKTUR solar module on your VW California without making any changes to the vehicle.

Once the module is placed on your roof, it is screwed into the existing C-rail at 6 points.

You don't have to interfere with the vehicle's electronics, nor are there any visual defects left behind when dismantling it. This way, you maintain the value of your VW California, or even increase it with your solar module.

If you would still like to rely on an expert, we have a large network of verified partners who will be happy to carry out the installation for you.

Concentrated engineering know-how from the Allgäu

Our mission. Your adventure.

As a young company with concentrated engineering know-how, we are a manufacturer based in the Allgäu, where down-to-earthness and innovation go hand in hand. With our team, we have already reached more than 1,000 satisfied customers across Europe.

Our focus is on developing products with three strong values:

Quality, design and user-friendliness.

The CALIFAKTUR complete solution

The all-round carefree package

When you order one of our CALIFAKTUR solar modules, your package will contain all the components you need for installation.

In addition to the high-quality solar module, your package includes a charge controller, all necessary cables, slot nuts and screws for fastening and detailed and easy-to-understand assembly instructions.

Open the package, put it on your roof, connect the cable and off you go.

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